Personal data processing and protection

Personal data controller and protection officer

Personal data controller is the Technical University of Liberec, Studentská 1402/2, 461 17 Liberec 1, the Czech Republic, registry ID: 6747885,

Protection of personal data is supervised by the data protection officer who can be contacted by the e-mail

Principles of personal data processing

Technická univerzita v Liberci při zpracování osobních údajů postupuje v souladu s právními předpisy (evropskými i národními) korektně a transparentně a jen k plnění povinností svěřených jí zákonem a k dalším činnostem vyplývajícím z jejího postavení jako veřejné vysoké školy.

Jedině v případech, kdy je to nezbytné, vyžaduje Technická univerzita v Liberci ke zpracování osobních údajů udělení souhlasu, který musí být udělen svobodně, jednoznačně, ke konkrétnímu účelu a po informování o tom, jaký je účel udělení souhlasu. Souhlas je poskytován dobrovolně.

Processing of personal data at the Technical University of Liberec is performed in accordance with the law (both European and national) in a proper and transparent manner. The personal data is used to fulfil legal duties and to other activities implied by the status of public university.

In necessary cases only, the Technical University of Liberec demands a consent to process personal data. This consent must be given freely, unambiguously, for a particular purpose, and preceded by awareness of its purpose. The consent is given voluntarily.

The given consent may be withdrawn at any time. The procedure to withdraw consent is described in the instructions accompanying the request for consent. Any consent can be withdrawn by delivering a written and signed withdrawal to the address: Technická univerzita v Liberci, Studentská 1402/2, 461 17 Liberec. In the withdrawal, specify exactly which consent you are withdrawing.

Purpose and legal ground of the personal data processing

The Technical University of Liberec processes the personal data for folowing purposes:

  • education in accredited study programmes,
  • education in lifelong learning programmes,
  • admissions and study management,
  • exchange visits and internships,
  • alumni management,
  • science, research and art activities,
  • habilitation and professor appointment,
  • nostrifications,
  • project implementation,
  • publishing,
  • library services,
  • organising of conferences, seminars, workshops and other events,
  • personal and wage agenda,
  • economics and accounting,
  • security of persons and assets,
  • accommodation and eating,
  • additional activities,
  • propagation,
  • administration.

The legal ground for the personal data processing is the performing of duties implied from the law, esp. from the Higher Education Act, labour law regulations, accounting regulations and others, performance of a contract, legitimate interests of the Technical University of Liberec as an administrator, protection of vital interests of data subjects, fulfilling duties of a public authority, or the consent given by the data subject.

Categories of processed personal data

For aforementioned purposes, the Technical University of Liberec processes following categories of personal data:

  • basic identification data – name, surname, maiden name, date and place of birth, personal identification numbers, and identifiers used in used information systems,
  • contact information – phone number, e-mail, mailing address,
  • descriptive data – age, gender, nationality, state, photo, health insurance,
  • data related to the study – faculty and study programme, academic performance, identification of former studies,
  • data related to employment – job title, employment record, collateral employers, labour union membership, wage-related data, personal data of family members,
  • economical data – bank account numbers, information about pension, parental allowance,
  • health condition data – medical opinions, documents of the health condition of persons with specific study needs,
  • operational and location data – data from card readers, IP addresses, recordings from camera systems,
  • data about subject activities – publishing activity, professional profile,
  • eventually other data.

Sources of personal data

The Technical University of Liberec obtains the personal data directly from the data subject. This data is provided e.g. in the application for study, various applications and proceedings during the study, application for habilitation of professor appointment, job applications, labor and other contracts, etc.

Personal data recipients

The Technical University of Liberec provides access to the personal data for other subjects only if these subjects deliver a service to the Technical University of Liberec ensuring a proper operation of the university (especially the management of information systems). Data is provided to these other subjects solely if they enter into a personal data processing contract so they have the same obligations related to the personal data as the university itself. Further, the Technical University of Liberec provides access to your personal data for the corresponding state administration bodies based on the legal obligations, eps. related to the labour and study agenda.

Duration of data processing

The Technical University of Liberec processes the personal data for the necessary time only. Duration of the data processing depends on the purpose. It may be determined by corresponding legal regulations or the data is processed during the legal relationship between the data subject and the Technical University of Liberec and for a period after the relationship required for the purposes of records, inspection, statistics, archiving, scientific or historical research, or applications and protection of rights claims of the Technical University of Liberec. Personal data will be deleted after the period has elapsed. This is not true for the processing of personal data for purposes not requiring consent.

Profiling and automatic processing

The Technical University of Liberec does not perform any personal data processing based on profiling neither fully automatic decision making without human evaluation having a legal effects on you or other important impacts.

Rights of the data subject

As regards the processed personal data, you can exercise the following rights assuming you prove your identity:

  • Right of access to personal data – you have the right to obtain a confirmation whether or not we process your personal data. If so, you have the right to access to the following information: the purpose of the processing, the categories of personal data concerned, the recipients or the categories of recipient of your personal data, whether the personal data are transferred into third countries, the period for which the personal data will be stored, the source of the personal data, and whether or not automated processing or profiling has been or will be applied.
  • Right to rectification – in case your personal data are incorrect or incomplete.
  • Right to erasure (right to be forgotten) – regarding the obligation of the Technical University of Liberec to erase the processed personal data; this right does not always apply because there are cases requiring the Technical University of Liberec to process the personal data to fulfill its legal obligations.
  • Right to restriction of processing – can be applied mostly in cases of uncertainty regarding the period of data processing and the form of data erasure. Right to restriction of processing may be applied if you think that the Technical University of Liberec processes an incorrect data, you refuse the data erasure, or the data is no more required for the original purpose but can not be erased for legal reasons.
  • Right to data portability – you may request that the Technical University of Liberec transmits the personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine readable form to another controller designated by you, if technically possible.
  • Right to object and a decision based solely on automated processing – you have the right to object if you think that the Technical University of Liberec processes your personal data unjustifiably. You may also object to a decision based solely on automated processing and profiling.
  • Right to lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection – you can lodge a request, suggestion or complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection, with its registered office at pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7, the Czech Republic,

Information for data subjects regarding the claiming of rights

To claim some of the aforementioned rights, send a written request containing you name, birthdate, living address, and university ID (if assigned to you) with notarised signature to the address: Technická univerzita v Liberci, Studentská 1402/2, 461 17 Liberec 1. You can also use data box for request submission. ID of the data box of the Technical University of Liberec is: td7j9ft. When using data box, you identity is verified.

You request will be processed within the legal deadline of one month since the delivery. This deadline can be extended with regard to complexisty and amount of processed requests.

Information provisioning and claiming your rights is free of charge. The Technical University of Liberec may, however, charge a fee or reject the request processing in case the request is clearly groundless or inadequate.